Corporate Culture

team-members-bannerASSET strives to cultivate a culture of independence, safety, and fun with every employee. Happy employees are productive employees, and productive employees make for great clients which in turn results in great profits. We believe in a strong work ethic, but so is having fun. We expect our employees to work hard, but we also expect them to make time to play hard as well. We strive to cultivate a healthy work-life balance.Our primary goals and objectives are to perform professional work to the highest standard while building a staff of highly competent and trained individuals who are motivated and ambitious. We strive to provide an atmosphere which encourages learning and growth, results in continued profitability, and selfless teamwork. Every employee plays a key role and benefits from the Company achieving its objectives. Through our employees’ efforts, ideas, accountability and initiative, we are able to thrive through these challenging economic times.
Lastly, we are very proud of our open door policy. We really do mean it. We can’t address concerns if we are not aware of them. We cannot fix a problem if we do not know it exists. We cannot act on a great idea if it is never shared. So we encourage and welcome open dialogue, with those we serve and those who we work with.